Arch Angel Activations healing generational trauma, energetic clearing, grounding, protection and spiritual alignment and so much more.

Archangel Michael Activations will begin with a deep cleansing, that will prepare your system for an energetic upgrade. You will receive activations that include a unique transmission for an auto-adjusting protection shield.

Archangel Raphael Activations will include healing energies that support you on all levels. Washing away all energetic distortions. Activations for balance & clarity.

Archangel Raziel Activations for your spiritual alignment. Awaken your spiritual potential. Removal of blockages caused by energetic manipulation. 

Archangel Metatron Activations for interdimensional healing that activates a unique stream of sacred energy healing for generational traumas.

Activations to clear away emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. This will bring you into energetic alignment, reawakening your self-worth. Archangel Chamuel prepares your system with a high vibrational angelic frequency that opens your heart chakra and allows you to receive unconditional LOVE. 

Heal your blocks with communication. Focused intention on your throat chakra. Archangel Gabriel activations will open your energies to new ways of communicating with yourself and those you come in contact with. Allow new ways of transmitting your frequency to be activated by Archangel Gabriel.

Activations to assist with seeing through the fog that sometimes clouds our vision. Archangel Uriel will bring you clarity. These activations will awaken the codes that will allow you to see the truth. The truth isn’t always what we want but is necessary. Are ready to move forward? This is a very grounding energy that will anchor you and your energy into the most appropriate timeline that Gaia has to offer you.