Awakened Wings has a spiritual toolbox filled with high vibrational tools to assist you, such as, Seraphim Blueprint Angel Healing, Reiki, Empath Healing, Archangel Activations, Clarity Sessions, Chakra Balancing, Private Mentoring, Seraphic Planetary Washes & Celestial Angel Healing.

Empath healing, along with the other available healing sessions are possible, with the high vibrational Seraphim Blueprint and Reiki healing energy used in our healing sessions. 

We also combine the energy healing attunements given during spiritual classes, this gets to the root cause of what’s holding you back and brings you into balance, so you aren’t feeling drained, sluggish and depleted from life.

Sometimes you just need an energy reboot that helps you feel better. Get started today with an upgraded version of your self-care routine.

Helping you feel better is what we do at Awakened Wings and the reason why we are here! Feeling drained, sluggish and depleted from your everyday routine is no way to go through life.

It’s time to upgrade your self-care routine, taking these action steps will give you the inner strength and courage to heal the deep-seated  traumas that have depleted your life force energy.

Surround yourself with Divine Light and BREATHE! 

Bring balance back into your experience. Awaken your inner light and release the baggage that weighs you down. Let it go Dear one, it’s not yours to hold.

Allow your heart to heal as you feel your Angels wrap their wings around you.